Our facility of over 1600 m2 fits in offices, sanitary facilities, coldstores for over 400 pallet slots, packagings’ warehouse and most importantly – equipment for sorting and packing of soft fruit – is loacated by the northern part of Warsaw’s ring road. This localisation enables fast deliveries to Warsaw’s retail stores as well as omitting most of traffic jams for drivers who deliver raw products to us or pick up already prepacked products. 

We sort and pack our fruit using two packing lines. To sort and pack blueberries and cranberries we use a fully automatic line designed by company BBC, with a soft- and colour sorter and 10-head filler, as well as a Sealpac heatsealer. To check the weight and quality of raspberries and blackberries we use the line with dynamic weights and a wireless management system. Optimised space and tailor-made machine park allow us to fulfil a couple of orders at once, even at the peak of the season.

Heat sealing (top seal) technology

Usage of pre-printed topseal foil, thanks to which we diminish the use of standard labels. This way we use only one packing material (plastic) to prepare final products, which results also in decreasing the volume of raw materials used for packing. Thanks to this technology the final customer doesn’t need to bother by segregation of wastes – after eating our tasty fruit the empty packaging can be fully disposed in a container for plastic wastes, without tearing off the paper label first.


The technology of packing and labelling is always fully adjusted to the needs of our customers.


We treat berries with the best care all the way through our cold chain – starting from collecting them from the growers, to end up with the dispatch of the final goods to our customers.

Final Touch

The final touch for our pallets is the marking with corresponding pallet cards.

We can offer a wide range of packagings and cardboards, thanks to which we can adjust the packing format to the needs of our receivers.

Our range of packagings:
– 125g in formats: 6x125g, 8x125g, 12x125g
– 175g in formats: 6x175g
– 200g in formats: 8x200g, 12x200g
– 250g in formats: 6x250g, 8x250g, 12x250g
– 300g in formats: 10x300g, 12x300g
– 400g in formats: 10x400g
– 500g in formats: 10x500g, 14x500g, 15x500g (buckets)
– 750g in formats: 10x750g

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