Activities on the Polish market

Activities on the Polish market

Berrytrade brand

Many of our customers appreciate our own Berrytrade brand and prefer to receive their berries decorated with our beautiful labels. ‘Pełne witamin’ means ‘Rich in vitamins’ and it is a statement which ensures final customers that purchasing our berries is not an unnecessary expenditure but rather an investment in their health. For our export customers we also offer the opportunity to label clamshells/other punnets with our ‘Naturally tasty’ label. 

We can also pack berries under our customers’ own brand.

More information about our fruit offer is to be found here.

Everyday deliveries to Polish supermarket chains


Our facility of over 1600 m2 is located by the northern part of Warsaw’s ring road. This localization enables fast deliveries to Warsaw’s retail stores as well as omitting most of traffic jams for drivers who deliver raw products to us or pick up already prepacked products.

Due to close localization we can organize the transportation from our facility to distribution centers of all Polish supermarket chains, irrespectively if we’re talking about just 2-3 pallets or whole truck loads.

We’re also extremely effective in finding transport all across European Union and beyond.

Just 25 km away from Bronisze wholesale market

Just 25 km away from Bronisze wholesale market

Our facility is situated only 25 minutes from Bronisze – the biggest fruit and vegetable wholesale market in this part of Europe, which is also one of most important sales and purchase points for fruit and vegetable professionals from Central and Eastern European countries.


Thanks to our convenient localization we are perfect partners to help you operate effectively on other foreign markets! As berry experts we are ready to store your goods, then sort them, pack and re-export to your or our customers in all Eastern European countries.

Packing as a service

With a modern machine park fully adapted to the packaging of soft fruit, as well as experienced and competent employees, we are happy to also sort and pack fruit belonging to our customers. At the same time, we are known for our extremely favorable price offer and very fast order completion time. As part of this service, we unload and load raw materials, carry out quality control, sort and pack or repack the fruit. In addition, we are able to organize the delivery of several pallets or full truck loads from our warehouse to a selected distribution center in Poland or  within European Union. Using our extensive network of contacts in Poland and abroad, we are also able to help you sell fruit in the first or second class.

Rejection management from supermarket chains

Comprehensive management of returns from supermarket chains is a complementary service to orders related to sorting or packing of fruit. If your customer rejects a given batch of fruit delivered by you, we are able to quickly arrange their transport to our warehouse, sort or repack the goods, and then resell them. Thanks to this solution, the fruit does not have to travel back to the country from which it arrived. Limiting further product journeys to a minimum is crucial as it allows you to achieve tangible benefits in the form of less waste, and thus minimized financial losses. In such situations, the most important thing is the speed of reaction and experience of the staff sorting the rejected fruits.

Processes in our cold chain


The transport of fruit is fully on our side. We collect fruit from producers with our own refrigerated vehicles, whereas the transport of packed goods to our customers is outsourced to specialized and proven transport companies.

Before each loading, the vehicles are checked for cleanliness and absence of foreign odors. We also guarantee the maintenance of a constant, low temperature during transport, so as not to interrupt the cold chain, which is very important in the case of soft fruits.

Quality Control

Thanks to many years of experience of our team in packing of  a wide range of soft fruits, we are able to assess the quality of the goods delivered to us already during unloading and immediately forward our quality report to suppliers. Berries are assessed in terms of freshness, taste, firmness, color, size, and in the case of already pre-packed goods - compliance of labeling, packaging used and general palletization. Checkweighers installed at the loading and unloading docks allow us to efficiently calculate the gross weight and net weight of delivered fruit, and the warehouse staff additionally counts the number of pallets and carton boxes or plastic crates. The final result is also communicated to the supplier after sorting and packing the whole batch of fruit.


Our facility in Warsaw is adapted to cold storage of over 200 pallets of fruit. More or less the same number of pallet slots is dedicated in our dry warehouse for the storage of various types of packaging, of which we need a considerable stock to be able to organise the largest programs for our customers.


For sorting of blueberries and cranberries we use modern optical sorters for softness and colour from BBC company. As a result, the fruit that is too soft or unevenly colored is sorted out. In addition, the quality of the fruit is also checked by our quality controllers who are constantly present at the production site. For more delicate fruits, such as raspberries or blackberries, we use manual sorting.


To weigh and fill the final packagings with blueberries or cranberries we use our 10-head fillers. This way we automatically fill punnets ranging from 125 g to 500 g, as well as buckets. Punnets with raspberries or blackberries are weighted by our workers by special packing tables with dynamic scales.


We use various types of packaging - from the most popular plastic R-PET punnets to cardboard packaging. Only certified packaging can be used in our production process. We offer packaging ranging from 125g to 500g, including plastic buckets. What is very important, we can offer sealing plastic packages with heat seal (top seal) foil.


Depending on preferences of our customers, we use labels with a given graphic design (for example with the brand of a supermarket chain or with our own logo) or standard black and white labels. In our production process, we use thermo transfer printers. We are one of the first packing facilities for berries in Poland that can do the thermotransfer printing also on foil with pre-printed graphic design.


We palletize cartons or boxes with unit packs in a safe manner, not sparing on elements providign pallet security such as strong cardboard corner protectors or straps. The aesthetics of the products that leave our packing station are also extremely important to us. Each pallet has a pallet card, on which we indicate, among others product name and the number of packages on the pallet.


The final step, which must be meticulously taken care of, is the preparation of appropriate documentation for each entry and exit of goods from our facility. Our warehouse and accounting programs as well as pallet tracking systems help us in this. Thanks to many years of experience in the industry, we are able to prepare transport documentation for deliveries within the European Union, as well as in the case of export outside its borders.

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