About Us

About Us

Our company’s history started over 20 years ago when we were running a family plantation of blueberries in organic standard, and then also in conventional version. Soon it was clear to us that also other blueberry growers can benefit from our experience in trading of these berries. By that time we’ve already gained a lot of experience and strategic contacts with buyers from Western Europe, with emphasis on German speaking countries. So it was a logical step for us to start an export company for berries, which currently deals with blueberries (conventional and organic), raspberries (conventional and organic), blackberries and cranberries.

Thanks to the cooperation of two generations of founders we run now modern packing facilities for berries. Currently the main activity of Berrytrade encompasses placing of Polish but also foreign prepacked berries on European markets.

Verified growers

Our success wouldn’t be possible without our best growers, for whom the cultivation of berries is not only a profession but rather a life passion or even a lifestyle. We work with growers who systematically raise their competencies, widen the certification of their plantations and guarantee consistently high quality of their berries.

Trusted customers

We deliver our fruit to our long-term partners whose credibility is monitored by commercial information agencies. Mutually we set sales goals and programs that match the current supply of berries coming from our cultivations.


Our certificates confirm high standards of safety and hygiene all across our supply chain. Not only do our berries need to be certified before placing them on the market, but also our packagings, machines and transport companies… It is a prerequisite for cooperation with supermarket chains.

Own transport solutions

We collect the fruit from our growers with our own fleet but also we organise on our own deliveries of final products to our customers. Elasticity, speed and reliability of our deliveries are one of our biggest strengths.

Own sorting and packing facility

This is the place where real value-adding takes place. In the case of blueberries and cranberries, the raw material first goes through soft and colour sorters and later on it’s automatically packed. Raspberies and blackberries are sorted by hand, with the use of dynamic weights. Of course, all that would not be possible without our watchful production managers, quality supervisors and experienced packers.

Following the trends

Every season brings novelties. It’s hard for growers to keep up with market expectations on their own, so we eagerly take over this duty. We follow all the newest trends in packagings, labelling, marking of the products, certification and all other challenges related to the sales of our berries.

Cooperation with industry

Not every batch of fruit has sufficient quality to be placed on the retail market. Luckily we also have customers for second class produce – these are for example yoghurt or ice-cream manufacturers.

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